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Visit by the Director General at the military headquarters Yaounde (Quartier General)
Mercredi, 19 Mai 2010 00:00
installation_qgOn Wednesday 18th of May 2010, the Director General of Customs, Mrs Libom Li Likeng paid a visit to customs officers at the military headquarters in Yaounde who for the past two weeks were on camping in preparation for their participation to this year's 38th national day celebration. The purpose of this visit was to enable the director general have a feel of the level of preparedness of the officers and to give them her words of encouragement and advice on their participation at the match- past, Customs being a paramilitary service of the State.
Present at this brief ceremony were some close collaborators of the DG such as the Chief of Sector for the Center region, M. Yith Pascal, Mojor Kamgaing Marcel, Captain BILOA Grégoire, Captain Mballa Félicien, Lieutenant Ekolle Felix and the Head of the Communications Service, as well as other staffs of the central services of Customs, and those of the Gendarmerie.
The arrival of the Director General at exactly 9.30 a.m gave way to a hand shake with her collaborators and a special one to Colonel MBIDA Gabriel, the head of the Military Head Quarters. This was followed by a brief indoor discussion with the commander of the troops, Major Kamgaing who briefed her on their level of preparedness and well being throughout their two weeks stay in the camp. He concluded that the troops had so far been in good spirit, no case of ill health recorded. They were also well lodged and well fed with rehearsals going on smoothly and all uniforms distributed on time Thus, all was set for a good match- past.
The floor was then given to Colonel MBIDA Gabriel who started by congratulating the Director General for the discipline within the ranks. He commended the comportment of the Customs troops who have all along remained disciplined, focused and hard working. He intimated that they were the best contingents in this year's training session. The Director General on her part thanked the Colonels for their unflinching support and collaboration to the partnership with Customs.
The Director General then addressed the 144 officers. Attentive, vigilant and disciplined, they savored the words of congratulation from their boss who also called on them to continue in the same spirit of bravery throughout the match past. She reminded them of the specialty and significance of this year's celebration. They were also told to concentrate on their footsteps and avoid distractions, so as to render a good parade that would make the Customs Administration and the entire Ministry of Finance will remain proud.
At the end of the ceremony, a short interview was granted to the Director General regarding her impressions after this visit. Her response was positive. She was satisfied and very confident all will be a success, especially with the support of the Head of State in the modernization drive of the Customs Administration.
The ceremony ended at exactly 10.15 a.m with a satisfactory smile from the Director General.
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