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Exportation of goods

  • Who can export ?
  • What can be exported ?
  • How to export ?

Who can export?

Generally, every individual or corporate entity can export goods.

Exceptions: goods whose exportation is subjected to authorisation: endangered flora and fauna in accordance with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. For example:

* Big monkeys and lemur
* Pandas and South American monkeys
* Big cheetah, leopards, tigers
* Elephants, rhinoceros, crane, snakes, parrots, marine turtle, etc.

What can be exported ?

All types goods from Cameroon or elsewhere.
Green ware, materials from Cameroon’s surface and subsoil (rubber, cocoa, coffee, banana, cotton, etc.) are exported duty free.
Exports duties for other products stand at 2% of the FOB value of the goods.
Importation is liberalised; the only requirement is the domiciliation in a bank account of proceeds from exportation.

How to export ?

* Goods destined for exportation must to be taken to a Customs Office or to premises designated by the Customs Service.
* Transporters are forbidden from taking any road with the intention of circumventing Customs Offices on land borders.
* During exportation, the customs value is that of the good at the off-take point, declared on the date of the registration of the declaration at the Customs office, plus, where applicable, the costs of transportation from the departure point to the border.

The following are exempted from this value:

* Export duties;
* Internal taxes and similar charges not payable during exportation;
* The value of customs duties on exported products can be determined by market price lists.
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